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How much is your Purchasing Process costing you?

Most organizations use a manual, paper-based process to make a purchase request, seek approval and communicate an order to a vendor.  Rarely in that manual process is there a “Receive” step that tells the Accounts Payable department if items have arrived or invoices should be paid.  Plus, getting the P.O. into the accounting system is accomplished through manually entering the data.  This is a very expensive process that costs organizations a significant amount of time and money. 

Take control of your Purchasing Process

As an administrator, you should have the flexibility to manage, monitor and control your purchasing process by having all the right tools and information at your finger tips.  Additionally, your budget stakeholders and staff members should have an easy-to-use solution that:

  • Allows them to quickly submit and approve purchase requests
  • Makes their purchase through an integrated marketplace, approved vendor or vendor of choice
  • Marks items as “Received” and notifies accounts payable
  • Enables corrections to items on a P.O. once the invoice arrives
  • Sends the P.O. over to accounting for encumbrance and payment

Kivetta Software provides the solution.  k-Purchase™ is a web-based platform designed by industry veterans with the entire workflow in mind.  It goes beyond automating the purchasing process and puts you in control of your organization’s “Spend".  Proactively ensure proper authorization takes place on purchases, leverage budgetary constraints and place spending responsibility at the proper level of management all while making the entire purchasing process over 75% more efficient. 

Contact us today to learn how k-Purchase™ can put you in control of your "Spend" Process.

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